How to cloak your affiliate link

In this blog post, you are going to discover how to cloak your affiliate link. You probably came across a situation where you got your ugly long looking affiliate link from the affiliate network.

Now you are going out and start promoting your ugly long looking affiliate link and present them to your audience.

Not really nice, right?

Today I m going to show you a way by using a WordPress free plugin called Pretty Link to let your affiliate link appear nicely.

Why Should You Cloak Your Affiliate Link

If you are an affiliate marketer like me you most likely promoting affiliate offers. I m promoting a lot of offers from an affiliate network called Maxbounty.

The default affiliate link from Maxbounty will look like this:


As you can see the link is very long and looks not really nice when presenting them to your audience. But we can make it better and more appealing and presentable for your audience like below:

Can you see the difference? Which link from these 2 would you rather click? Probably the second link, this is an example of a cloaked affiliate link.

The link you are seeing will lead to an affiliate offer and is cloaked with a free WordPress plugin called Pretty Link.

When you cloak your affiliate links you will make your ugly default link more presentable and users who are coming to your link are much more likely in the mood to click.

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What Do You Need to Cloak Your Affiliate Link with Pretty Link?

You need to have your website domain name with hosting included. I m using Namecheap to get a domain name and shared hosting, it’s cheap and affordable. Once you have it all in place you can download WordPress on your domain from your Cpanel (it’s free).

How to Install Pretty Link?

Now I m going to show you how to find and install Pretty Link in WordPress. Simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Click on Plugins on the left side menu of your WordPress and Add New

how to cloak your affiliate link

Step 2: In the search field type in “Pretty Link”. Once done, a description from the plugin Pretty Link will appear, click”Install”.

pretty link installation

Step 3: Activate the plugin by clicking “Install” and “Activate”.

Congratulations you have successfully installed Pretty Link to your WordPress. In the next section, I will show you how to cloak your affiliate link with Pretty Link.

How to Cloak your Affiliate Link with Pretty Link

Now that you have Pretty Link installed on your WordPress you can start cloaking your links and make them look nice. So let’s get started and follow the step guide below on how to cloak your affiliate link.

Step 1: On the left side WordPress menu click Pretty Link

Step 2: Click “Add New”

Step 3: Set up your cloaking link


Cloaking your affiliate links is a great way to show your links in a presentable way to your audience. Using the free WordPress plugin Pretty Link makes the whole process easy.

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