How to Find a Good Clickbank Offer

First of all, go to Clickbank and register as an affiliate.Click on the sign up button and fill in the fields with your personal information.

When you are done with the Clickbank registration you will be taken straight to the inside of your Clickbank account. Now click on Marketplace in the bar above.

Once you clicked a new window will open. On the left side, you will see several tabs with many different categories all displayed one below the other.

You will find categories like Computers / Internet, Betting Systems, E-Business & E-Marketing, Health & Fitness and many more.

Click on a category that you are interested in, in my case, it’s Health & FitnessOnce you have clicked a sub-category will appear.

Choose your sub-category, for me, it’s Diets & Weight Loss and then continue.

Immediately you gonna see several digital products one below the other, in order to find a good product, we will use the filter where it says Rank.Set the filter to Gravity and go. Promptly you will see products with a high gravity score starting from the top.

What is Gravity Score?

The gravity score is calculated from the number of affiliates that have made a sale in the last 12 weeks.For example, if 150 different affiliates have made 1 sale each in the last 12 weeks, the gravity score for that product will be 150.The higher the gravity, the more affiliates had made a sale. Gravity is not the most important thing to look out for.

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3 Reasons Why Gravity Score Is Not The Most Important Thing

Reason #1: Gravity score doesn’t show everythingIf a product has a gravity of 150, that doesn’t mean it’s a great product. It could be that the 150 affiliates only had 1 sale each.So you can’t immediately say that the product will sell well just because it has a high gravity.Reason #2: Lots of competitionMany affiliates go into their Clickbank account and look for the products with the highest gravity, so there will be very high competition for these Clickbank offers. As a Clickbank beginner, you may find it very difficult to sell Clickbank products.But if you look more for medium-sized gravity offers, it will be easier for you to get Clickbank sales.Reason #3: High gravity does not have to mean that the product is goodMany of Clickbank’s top vendors make millions with their products. That allows the vendor to hire top people and they will make a perfect sales page that let a lot of people believe in the product and then they end up buying.Many vendors focus more on earning money with their products and do not attach much importance to the quality of their product.

Just because a product sells very well at Clickbank doesn’t mean it is of high quality. Most of the time, the vendor and his team have set up the sales page so well that people buy the product.

How Do I Find a Good Clickbank Offer Now?

A good way to find a good Clickbank product is to use the setting as described above.

But please avoid the high gravity score Clickbank products, look for products with a gravity that is neither too high nor too small.

 Means that you can choose products with a gravity of 20 to around 200When you are looking for a product, look carefully at the sales page and make sure that the page is optimized for your mobile phone.

Read everything through and if there is a video watch it. If you think the product is good and helps others try it out.

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